How do I create an account?

The Intelivideo platform is for users who have purchased instant access content from one of our clients. If you haven't purchased any videos or other media, you will not have an account nor will you be able to login to the app. If you purchased instant access content but did not receive an email with login information for your account, please let us know from which website you made a purchase, your last name and your email address.

If you have purchased DVDs and MP4 files from Championship Production in the past, but not instant access videos, you don’t yet have an account for the app. If you'd like to transfer previous download or DVD purchases over to the instant stream in the Championship Productions App, log in to your account at Then scroll down and you will find a list of the order history associated with your email address. There will be a blue button to the right of each title that you can click to add the upgrade to your cart.    

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