How to play on Roku

The Roku player is a small internet connected device that lets you stream content from the internet onto your TV.  These instructions will help you setup your roku player to watch your purchase from InteliVideo.

First, you'll need to use the Roku website members area to add the InteliVideo private channel to your Roku account.  You do this by logging into your Roku account and clicking 'Add Private Channel', and search for InteliVideo.  Here's a link:

Next the Roku will display the Roku ID, and you need to enter that ID into your InteliVideo account settings.  Simply log into your account as though you're going to watch your videos in your browser.  (Your login url, username, and password should have been emailed to you when you first signed up). 

Then click "My Profile" in the top navigation bar, and there is a field where you can enter your Roku Player ID.  (Then Save!)

Your Roku should now connect with your InteliVideo account and let you watch any of your purchased content on your large screen TV.

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