Custom Domain Setup

To setup a custom domain there are two steps to follow.

1.  You need to update your DNS routing rules to route traffic from your domain name to our domain name.  This is done by creating a CNAME routing rule which works like an alias.  You specify a subdomain from your top level domain which will be an alias for our domain:

CNAME record: -> cname alias for ->

2.  Open a ticket and let us know what domain you would like to use.  We need to update our internal routing to listen on your domain.

TERMINOLOGY: -------------------
A domain is in the format:

a subdomain is the word that comes before your domain:

In the examples above: www, videos, and ondemand are all subdomains of your primary Top Level Domain (TLD):

The process for updating your DNS routing rules differs from one system to the next.  If you have questions let us know and we'll help you through it.

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