How do I download my videos?

Often users may wish to download the videos they have purchased so that they may watch when they are off-line.

We support this capability using InteliVideo 'players'.  These are lightweight apps that you can install on your computer, your tablet, or your phone.  Once you've installed the player you can enter your email address and your PIN and you can download any of your purchased videos directly to your device.

Our players can be downloaded via a number of different methods by selecting the app for your device, installing it, and following the on-screen instructions
  • Via our App downloads page
  • On the "My Purchases" page in the member site
  • Clicking the Download button under a purchased video after logging into the membership site
Wait!! Where can I find my pin?
Your PIN was emailed to you in the original email containing your username and password. Your PIN is also listed on your 'My Profile' page.  Simply log into your account on the web and click on "My Profile".  Your PIN is listed in bright bold red letters near the top of the page.

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